At North Cardiff Dental & Implants we use the state of the art EMS AIRFLOW® – scientifically proven to gently but effectively remove staining from the teeth, as well as plaque and tartar (calculus) deposits. Plaque and tartar both contribute to gum disease. Regular removal of these deposits helps to maintain a healthy and stable gum condition.

Effective Stain Removal For Brighter Teeth

Air polish is included as part of your hygiene treatment.


Why do teeth stain?

Over time staining can form on the teeth from a range of foods and drinks – the main culprits being tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. These surface stains can give a dark and unsightly appearance and unsightly appearance. An appointment with our hygiene team can help brighten your smile by removing these surface stains.

Is air polishing safe and does it hurt?

The gentle pain free technology will give your mouth a superior clean feeling. Air polishing uses air and water pressure with a steady stream of a fine polishing powder to remove deposits from the teeth. The powder is very fine and safely removes deposits, whilst being ultra-gentle on enamel and soft tissues.

Can airflow be used if I suffer from periodontitis or have dental implants?

The technology can also be used safely and effectively below the gumline for patients suffering with gum disease. AIRFLOW® is minimally abrasive and so is even gentle enough to be used to maintain good gum health around dental implants.

What if I have braces on my teeth?

AIRFLOW® is also an ideal solution for cleaning around orthodontic appliances. The orthodontic brackets can be difficult to clean around at a conventional hygienist appointment. AIRFLOW® provides great accessibility around the brackets, giving a thorough clean, without damaging the brackets or cement.

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