Invisalign & Implant Dentistry

Invisalign & Implant Dentistry

Invisalign & Implant Dentistry

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What to expect during your Invisalign treatment

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If you are suitable, we will take X-rays and digital scan of your teeth

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Leven Vale Dental Practice is part of the Diamond-accredited MiSmile Network – the only GDP dental network endorsed by Invisalign.  We can show you your finished smile in 3D before you even begin your Invisalign treatment, so you know exactly how your new , straight smile could look. then, you decide if you want to proceed

NO fuss, no stress, no obligation

Braces are history. Move to the future

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually the first few days when you first start wearing Invisalign you can get a mild discomfort – almost like a bruising feeling. Once your teeth get used to the movement (just like if your muscles are getting used to going to the gym) then the discomfort ceases.

You can get mild ulceration of your mouth when you are new to the trays.

Usually No. Some people suffer from a lisp for an hour or so when the Invisalign trays are placed in. They very quickly lose this, sometimes its lasts for a day or two. It would be very rare for this lisp to stay during the entire treatment!

This really depends on how severe your misalignment is. Braces can be on for anything from just a few months to a few years.

Yes they can, however your child needs to be motivated to wear their Invisalign trays. Fixed orthodontics (wires) are more common for children, as they are more likely to lose their trays and not wear them for long enough.


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    Invisalign® Aligners

    Invisalign® Aligners

    It’s never too late to improve your smile with Invisalign®. The invisible way to correct crooked, crowded or uneven teeth for adults.